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Adobe's Social Media Intelligence Report points out that Facebook has achieved a double digit increase in both click through rate (CTR) (20%) and ad impressions (41%), quarter over quarter. To give those statistics some context, earlier this year total ad revenue hit $2.27 billion, up 82% from a year ago. That means social media design ads are working.

With 70% of marketers looking to increase their use of visual images, the ability to create original visual content is a critical skill. It's time to give every marketer and small business owner the tools and know-how to design Facebook ads that get results.

Ads That Work

If you're a business with an active Facebook page, we suggest you experiment with Facebook advertising. Plenty of brands are profiting from this growing ad channel and there is no reason why should miss out. With the examples above, you can see what's working and what the bigger brands are doing.

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