Douglas, MAPyxels Design Studio is a website design and graphics design company located in Douglas, MA. We specialize in helping small, medium and large owned businesses compete online with cutting edge tried and proven marketing techniques and strategies.

Our goal is to help businesses (not only those located in Douglas, MA) but all over the United States who want to dominate their local markets and take a more aggressive approach to obtaining new customers by utilizing search engine optimization techniques, social media marketing and developing strong business profiles.

Our Website Design Process

Many clients ask us about our website design process. While the steps we take in every endeavor are often the same, it is our flexibility and our years of experience that enable us to work with our clients in a fluid and simple process that achieves real results.  We will get to know your business and design your website and Social Media appropriately.

1. Website Design Brainstorming Session

We will learn about your business and your industry in order to help us generate ideas for your graphics. If you have ideas based on other materials, we are interested in seeing them to help incorporate into your design.

2. Website Design Concept Generation

A great way to get the ball rolling is to allow our design team to experiment with a few concepts based on our brainstorming meeting. We will send you some WordPress themes for you to choose from.

3. Design Decision

Choose a design or combination of designs that you like best. You can view concepts in a variety of ways. We will send you a temporary link to your website for your review.  You can then send us any content that you want on your website.

4. Final Website Revisions

We are not satisfied until you have the product you wanted.  Make all the revisions that you want.  We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

5. Website Publication

Once you approve your new website, we will make it live.

That’s it! We’ll do everything else. We’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible so that you can worry about running your business and we can worry about building your website.

Contact us  today and let us help your business dominate your local market.